March for Science Guatemala 2019

Space for learning, dialogue and collaboration to promote science in Guatemala. We welcome you and we hope you join us


Studying life

When we talk about Biology, most of people think about studying animals and plants, and although this science does include the study of them, reducing it to only two groups is a mistake.

There is science being made in Guatemala

For historical and political reasons, the evolution and production of knowledge in Guatemala has been limited and slow. Research and technology development activities have neither been oriented to satisfy the demands of the society, nor to promote an integral development of the country. As the largest economy of Central America, Guatemala should also have the highest scientific output. However, with barely 11 scientific publications per million inhabitants, it does not occupy the expected place in the regional context.


The March for Science is an international series of rallies and marches held on Earth Day. The inaugural march was held on April 22, 2017 in order to demand a greater role of science in political decision-making, to encourage public involvement in science, to move towards higher levels of inclusion in the scientific community and to break down barriers between scientists and non-scientists. More than 600 other cities across the world, including Guatemala.

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